- how to make shashlik -

shashlik is a russian tradition.
it is a bit like barbecue.
one important thing about shashlik
(in contrast to american barbecue)
is that the meat is cut into small pieces
and stuck on a skewer.

there are various different styles of shashlik
from all over russia and many more countries.

shashlik can be made of many different kinds of meat
and can have many more ingredients - spices and vegetables and more.

this shashlik is very simple:

you need:
2 teaspoons of salt
and (optionally):
coriander, celery, oregano,
parsley, dill, hot paprika, sweet paprika.
you also need:
200ml vinegar
300g mayonnaise
10 onions
and of course:
3kg of meat.
i suggest to use pork.

(amounts are roughly estimated and can vary strongly!!)

cut the meat in pieces of an inch in dimension.
strip the onions, cut them in halves and
disintegrate them into pieces
(you cannot spike a whole half of
an onion on your skewer!).
mix both and add spices, mayonnaise and vinegar.
wait one day
(or at least 2 hours).
spike meat and onion alternatingly on the skewers.
put the skewers on a barbecue and
broil them until they look good to you.
enjoy your meal!

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